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A jquery plugin to clone DOM elements

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Cloneya is a jQuery class useful for cloning DOM elements with their children. I wanted to be able to clone form inputs and groups of form inputs or fieldsets, or even whole forms. With time, I've hopefully made it very generic.



To install Cloneya using Bower, on the command line, run

bower install cloneya

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To install Cloneya using npm, on the command line, run

npm install cloneya


Cloneya must be invoked on a wrapper with the clonable items as children. It automatically recognizes this markup, by default (except the clone-wrapper) :

    <div class="clone-wrapper">
        <div class="toclone">
            <div class="clone">+</div>
            <div class="delete">-</div>


View demo with examples

            minimum         : 1,
            maximum         : 999,
            cloneThis       : '.toclone',
            valueClone      : false,
            dataClone       : false,
            deepClone       : false,
            cloneButton     : '.clone',
            deleteButton    : '.delete',
            clonePosition   : 'after',
            serializeID     : true,
            ignore              : 'label.error',
            preserveChildCount  : false


The detailed documentation has been moved over at the Wiki.


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