Real Shadow

Module that casts photorealistic shadows

Perfect for eye-catching demos and landing pages.
Works in any browser supporting CSS box-shadow property.

Real Shadow registers itself as CommonJS module, AMD module or jQuery plugin (it depends on your environment).
If there is no CommonJS, AMD or jQuery, Real Shadow registers itself in the global namespace.

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npm i real-shadow


bower i real-shadow

Basic Usage with jQuery

$(selector).realshadow(); // options are optional


    followMouse: false,   // default: true

    pageX: x,             // x coordinate of the light source
    pageY: y              // y coordinate of the light source

    color: '0,127,255'    // shadow color, rgb 0..255, default: '0,0,0'

    type: 'drop' / 'text' // shadow type


Basic Usage without jQuery

realshadow(elements); // options are optional

realshadow(elements, options); // options example listed above

To specify different colors for each element, you can use "data-shadow-color" attribute:

<span data-shadow-color="r,g,b"></span> <!-- values in range 0..255 -->

<span data-shadow-color="255,0,0">red</span>
<span data-shadow-color="0,255,0">green</span>
<span data-shadow-color="0,0,255">blue</span>
<span data-shadow-color="255,255,0">yellow</span>
<span data-shadow-color="0,255,255">cyan</span>
<span data-shadow-color="255,0,255">violet</span>
<span data-shadow-color="100,100,100">grey</span>

Inset Shadows

    inset: true // default: false

Inverse Shadows

    inverse: true // default: false

Custom Shadow Shape

    type: 'drop'

Text Shadow

    type: 'text'

Constant Angle

If you would like the shadows angle to be constant, specify the 'angle' option, in radians.

    angle: Math.PI / 4

Update shadows during/after jQuery animations

// before: apply Real Shadow to elements:
$(selector).realshadow(/* options, if needed */);

// update shadows during jQuery animation, i.e. each animation step:
$(selector).animate(/* animated properties */, {step: $.fn.realshadow.update});

// update shadows after jQuery animation is over:
$(selector).animate(/* animated properties */, $.fn.realshadow.update);

If you update shadows during jQuery animation, you don't need to update shadows after jQuery animation is over.

Custom shadows length

    length: 5 // default is 7

CommonJS usage

var realshadow = require('realshadow');

realshadow(document.getElementsByTagName('li'), options);

RequireJS / AMD usage

require(['realshadow'], function(realshadow) {

    realshadow(document.getElementsByTagName('li'), options);


Reset Real Shadow

Real Shadow will release all added elements and remove all its event listeners

// if you have Real Shadow in the current scope:

// if you use jQuery:

If you suppose that the usage of Real Shadow is unclear or have something to say, feel free to contact me.