Megadraft is a Rich Text editor built on top of Facebook's Draft.JS featuring a nice default base of components and extensibility


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Rich Text editor built on top of Facebook's draft.js (Work in Progress)

Discussion and Support

Join the #megadraft channel on the DraftJS Slack team!

Live Example & Documentation

Checkout our website with a live demo!


To run the development server and see the examples:

git clone
cd megadraft/
make setup
make run

Then visit http://localhost:8080/website/#/dev on your browser.

To run local tests:

make unit

To lint local source files:

make lint

To run tests and lint:

make test


Megadraft depends on Sass to build style assets.

Importing the default styles

Megadraft ships with a default styling available at this location in the installed package: node_modules/megadraft/dist/css/megadraft.css.



Checkout the docs for information about plugin structure. To help in this process there is a Yeoman Megadraft Plugin Generator.


Megadraft is licensed under the MIT license.

Third Party

The Megadraft website uses a picture from by Tim Marshall licensed under CC0 license.

Landing page uses a Megadeth picture by Ted Van Pelt licensed under CC-BY.