In-browser rich document editor.



Carbon is an extendable rich text editor in the browser that is consistent and beautiful. Carbon is inspired by Medium Editor. It is built on top of an internal model for an article that clients can translate to and from JSON and HTML.

The browser is built with extendability in mind and supports operations and history to allow proper undo-redo management with support for embeddable objects and uploading attachments.

Carbon is an open source project by your friends at Manshar - an open source publishing platform for Arabic content. Carbon supports both LTR and RTL languages.

Carbon is still in early alpha and you might run into bugs. If you do, please file a bug request or send a pull request with the proper fix. :mineral:

Compatibility And Tests

Carbon is still in alpha. Carbon is not yet compatible with all major browsers and platforms. Currently it only supports Desktop Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We’re still working on adding more compatibility, especially on mobile browsers, feel free to send us pull requests